Ohio has quite a golf history. Most obvious is Ohio is the birthplace of (arguably) the greatest golfer to play the game: Jack Nicklaus. It’s also birthplace of the greatest modern golf architect: Pete Dye.

Aside from the individuals, Ohio has hosted a lot of important golf. U.S. Opens, U.S. Amateurs, and PGA Championships are all multiply accounted for. One club, Canterbury Golf Club, has hosted them all. Ohio hosts two big time annual professional events: The Memorial and the tournament at Firestone Country Club’s South course.

While the public golf in Ohio is okay, the private golf is where the state stands out. In fact, I would argue that outside of New York and California, Ohio has the best set of private courses of any state in the country as a collective. Columbus and Cleveland are especially stacked with great courses. Although the collection in Cincinnati isn’t up to the same level, it has one course in particular that stands up to the best of them. In fact, I could easily argue that course has the best set of par 3’s of any course in the world.

Other gems (pun intended) are scattered across Dayton, as well as Toledo.

These are the courses I’ve played so far (of note) in the Buckeye State.

These courses I still need to play.

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