Beyond the Tri-State

Every now and again, I get to venture outside the OINK area to play golf. It doesn’t happen very often; so when it does, I try to capture the moment.

So far, my travels have been limited to Florida, South Carolina, and New Mexico. I also played a decent course in Pennsylvania, but unfortunately didn’t take many pictures during that round. In fact, before my trip to Florida in 2004, I was still using actual film to record my shots. So if I do any reviews of those courses, I’ll have to scan my pictures to a digital format. How old school of me.

Eventually, I’ll get around to posting the pictures of all my trips. For now, this is my list:

Eagle Creek Golf Club – 2004
The Club at Eaglebrooke – 2004
World Woods (Pine Barrens) – 2004, 2011
World Woods (Rolling Oaks) – 2004

Keller Golf Course – 2015
Midland Hills Country Club – 2015
Town & Country Club – 2015
White Bear Yacht Club – 2015
Windsong Farm Golf Club – 2015

New Jersey
Atlantic City CC – 2013
Greate Bay Country Club – 2015
Linwood Country Club – 2015
Seaview Resort (Bay) – 2014
Twisted Dune – 2013
The Vineyards at Renault – 2014

New Mexico
Black Mesa Golf Club – 2010
Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club – 2010

North Carolina
Oak Island Golf Club – 2012
Wilmington Municipal Golf Course – 2016

Hershey Country Club (East) – 2007

South Carolina
Arcadian Shores Golf Club – 1996, where apparently the golf bug didn’t bite hard enough.
Daufuskie Island (Melrose) – 2005. Boy, oh boy, have things changed to that course and resort since I visited. Read this gem for more details. I really need to do a write up of this course to remember what it was like in its prime.
Kiawah Island (Cougar Point) – 2002, where it all began
Kiawah Island (Oak Point) – 2003
Kiawah Island (Turtle Point) – 2003
Wild Dunes (Harbor) – 2005

2 comments on “Beyond the Tri-State
  1. Joby G. says:

    Hey, great site! Just stumbled on you today through Golf Club Atlas. How does one get a log-in ID for GCA, anyway?

    Anyway, insightful course details and great pix on your course reviews. You have a good eye and do a better job of capturing elevations changes and a good vantage point to give a good feel for the hole (better than some golf mags). I was curious what type of camera you use?
    Check out my golf travel site at, an amalgamation of personal and magazine course, bar, and restaurant recommendations from the golf mags and other sources. Drop me a line sometime.


    • admin says:

      Joby, I appreciate the kind words! As far as GCA, I reached out to Ran and he hooked me up. I must have lurked on that site for 6 years before I finally had the nerve to ask for access. I usually stick the topics I know best.

      I have a fairly basic point and shoot camera (Canon PowerShot SX120 IS). I “upgraded” in the summer of 2010 from a 4MP camera to the 10MP PowerShot. I admittedly don’t take a lot of pictures around the green, but I guess that’s my style. I like showing my readers the tee shots, plus any other features I think are worth mentioning. With this blog, I try to give a good view with pictures and words of courses that don’t get a lot of detailed attention from other sources. Plus, it helps me keep track of where I’ve played.


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