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Midwest Choices – Version 1

I had an interesting exchange with a reader recently. He gave me a handful of places to pick from and asked me my thoughts. I thought I’d share the courses sent to me and what my thoughts were. While most

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Year in Courses – 2016

As expected, I didn’t see that many unique courses in 2016. Having joined a club, I have little financial reason to venture outwards. My desire to see new places and study the best courses in my area remains high. Ultimately,

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Wolf Run Golf Club, Zionsville, Indiana

I stepped into the Wolf’s den. Save for a few golf balls and a dead cell phone, I came out relatively unscathed. Okay, the cell phone incident actually happened at a different course, but that’s a different story. If you’re

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Introducting The Quest

I’m halfway through John Sabino’s How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs. If you haven’t heard of John Sabino, you may know his blog I’ll review the book when I’m finished with it. Basically, John is one

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Purgatory Golf Club – Noblesville, IN

Finally. Purgatory Golf Club in Noblesville, Indiana has been tops of my OINK must play list for years. I don’t know exactly why. The 7754 yard length deters more than it attracts. It has been described to me as a

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The Fort Golf Course – Indianapolis, IN

This picture will go down as the last picture ever taken from my PowerShot. In the middle of the sixth hole, I was trying to take a picture of a deer that was running through the fairway. In doing so,

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Trophy Club – Lebanon, IN

One wouldn’t suspect the state of Indiana to be such a public golf mecca. Throughout the state, there are plenty of real quality options. As Indianapolis is the state capital, it goes to reason that a lot of Indiana’s great

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