Member-Guest Tale of the Tape (2016)

I played in my first Member-Guest tournament recently. When I joined my club, this was the first tournament I wanted to play. Some courses go all out with their Member-Guests in terms of prizes and food/drink options. My club, expectedly, kept it within the club’s environment and culture: chill and effective.

Our Member-Guest was a two-day event, playing five 9-hole matches against others in our flight. The winners of each flight going on to a 3-hole shootout to determine the winner.

While I didn’t quite have my A-game for most of the event, I did have a few memorable shots that I can put in my mind storage for another time. My partner carried me for most of the event, but I’m not paying for his chiropractor bills afterwards.

Here’s the Tale of the Tape for the event for me:

  • Matches = 5
  • Length of matches = 9 holes
  • Number of holes played = 45
  • Number of range balls hit = Approximately 117
  • Birdies between me and my partner = 1, and that was me!
  • Jammed fingers resulting from stupidly playing a ball on the range too close to the back rope = 1
  • Strokes = Embarrassingly too many
  • Balls lost = 0(!)
  • Bourbon shots purchased for last round = 2
  • Bourbon shots refused by partner before last round = 1
  • Bourbon shots consumed by host before last round = 2
  • Holes it took to regain focus in last round = 3
  • Cookies = 2
  • Point Total After Day 1 = 5
  • Point Total After Day 2 = 3 😦
  • OTC Pain Relievers Consumed = Enough to keep me going
  • Trips to Pebble Beach Won = 0
  • Times my partner was closest to the pin when the hole was not an official CTP hole = 2
  • Biggest lead = 3up
  • Biggest deficit = 3down
  • Handicap Trend After Event = .5L
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