Indian Ridge Golf Club – Oxford, Ohio

When I took up golf in 2002, I was still a student at Miami University. In between studies, I did get in a few rounds. My options were pretty much exclusively at one of two courses: Hueston Woods and Indian Ridge.

These courses are very different. Hueston Woods is a parkland layout with lots of trees and doglegs. Indian Ridge has quite a bit more variety in its layout.

Unfortunately, Indian Ridge has had quite a bit of drama in its short history. The course opened for play in 1999 and was a nice addition to the Cincinnati/Dayton golf scene. In 2004, while driving back late at night to my Oxford apartment, I saw a huge fire coming from the facility. Turns out that was the cart barn burning down. In 2007, the Southwest Ohio area had a bad drought. Without access to city water, Indian Ridge’s ponds went dry. While the greens remained well intact, everything else burned out. To make matters worse, the clubhouse burned down due to arson in 2009.

I hadn’t played Indian Ridge between 2007 and when I played again in 2015. The course had been through a few owners, and apparently the penultimate owners let the place go to crap. Most the grass wasn’t in good shape, cart paths had gone into disrepair, and all the bunkers on premises were not maintained. Having learned to play the game on this course, it was really depressing to hear what had happened.

In 2015, the course was under new ownership. Knowing that they had an upwards hill to climb, greens fees are reduced from previous years. I had heard that they were making an honest effort in turning the place around. So, in May 2015, I saw for myself.

What I can say from that visit is things are improving, but there’s still a long way to go. I hadn’t realized the previous owner’s malpractice until I saw it for myself. What used to be perfect greens had lots of evidence of crab grass. I was told by the new owners they know the grass has issues, but they’re making efforts to improve it. I could see areas of improvement, and I wish them well in their restorative efforts.

I was also told they were re-doing every bunker. When I visited, they were 5 in. They hoped to be done by September 2015 with the other 50 or so.

Lastly, a humongous retention pond was being built around the area of 12’s old secondary green (which I never saw in play anyways). It’s so big, it actually comes into play on the par 5 14th, which makes that tee shot even more difficult to go for a big one. This was desperately needed if the course had any chance of being maintained to its previous standard.

For varying reasons, I probably won’t make it back to Indian Ridge to see how things are progressing. For my nostalgia’s sake, I hope the new owners can bring the course back to its previous standard of excellent conditioning and some of the best greens in the area. If you’re reading this and have played it more recently than May 2015, drop me a note and let me know how it’s progressing.

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2 comments on “Indian Ridge Golf Club – Oxford, Ohio
  1. Mr. Titschinger,

    Thank you for posting this story about Indian Ridge Golf Club’s history.
    I thought you might like to see some recent reviews that were posted on Golf Advisor.
    The current ownership team continues to improve Indian Ridge Golf Club with the following goals in mind.
    • Continue to focus on exceptional customer service

    • Continuous improvement to playing conditions

    • Provide the best overall experience possible for each and every guest

    Reviewed on 04/17/2016
    The improvements and conditions on the course and taking shape. If you have not played here in the last couple of years it is in the best form in the last 7-8 years. It is back to being a must play!!!!!

    Reviewed on 05/10/2016
    This was my first time playing Indian Ridge, and I was impressed. Fairways are nicely cut, and rough isn’t too heavy. Layout, with dog-legs, elevation changes, and just the right amount of water make it a challenge.
    It was good to see a ranger on the course, something I am seeing less and less often in the area, even though there were no pace issues.
    Only negative, and it was a very minor issue, was the poor condition of the cart path is some locations.

    Reviewed on 07/07/2016
    Great course to play at, one of my favorites. The new management here has brought the course from one of the worst, to in my opinion one of the best courses in the area. Fairways and greens in great shape. Still some areas where you can tell that the course is being renovated, but nothing that affects the way you play. I would highly recommend this course, and will continue to play this course whenever I can.

    Reviewed on 07/13/2016
    I have read some very bad reviews about this course over the past couple of years. I played here the first year it opened and found it very nice for a new course. So I booked a hot deal round for two of us after hearing better things about it. It really was quite nice fairways rolled good, greens were fast and true, will be back.

    I hope you can make it back to Oxford and Indian Ridge.

    Jim Breitenbach
    Indian Ridge Golf Club

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    • Jim, everything I hear from people who have been back in late 2015 and 2016 is all good. Indian Ridge will always have a soft spot in my heart because it’s where I really learned how to play golf and that I had my wedding rehearsal dinner in the old clubhouse. I don’t get a whole lot of rounds outside my club nowadays, so it’ll be tough for me to make it back. What I can say is keep up the great work in restoring Indian Ridge to its previous high standard!


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