Minneapolis Golf Trip or The Culmination of a Year’s Work – Part 3 – Singles Match

By the fourth and final day of my trip, I was starting to feel some fatigue. 90 holes; 48 miles of walking; hundreds of strokes.

Add to it that I was starting to feel the oncoming of a cold I got from my daughter before I left.

Or maybe it was the copious amount of bourbon I had the night before?

Either way, I was pretty tired by the last day. The blisters on my ankles were confirming a better sock would need to be purchased before further walking trips.

The final day had us at Town & Country Club in St. Paul. T&CC is the second oldest club in the United States that still plays on their original location. The oldest is Shinnecock Hills. We’re talking some exclusive company. T&CC is very centrally located thanks to its founding date. It’s an interesting piece of property that has plenty of movement and offers some terrific views of the Minneapolis skyline. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting Minnesota to have a whole lot of land movement, but I was pleasantly surprised during my play that week.

This would be the final round of my trip as well as my singles match in the 2015 Mashie. I was playing a member from T&CC. While I had a stroke here or there, he had all the local knowledge. With only a point between the sides, it was always going to be a tight match.

After driving across metropolitan Minneapolis in the early morning, I must admit I wasn’t feeling 100% coming into the round. Between everything I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t feeling too hot. And when I got to the range, things weren’t looking much better. I’ve decided to spare you the details of the match, because who wants to hear someone else’s golf stories. Let’s just say I mustered enough good holes to win 3&2.

Town & Country is on a very small piece of property; approximately 96 acres. However, I must say that I never felt cramped or crowded while playing it. Its design date would suggest there is quirk to the course, and it doesn’t disappoint. After the short 1st, you climb up a big hill to the short par 3 2nd. The next hole is 45 degrees to the left, and is another par 3. Two par 3’s back-to-back, this early in the round, is something you really don’t see on modern courses. Later in the round, the player finds back-to-back…to-back par 5’s.

I wish I took more pictures of T&CC while I was there. I think partially I knew that there was already good photo tour of the course on GolfClubAtlas. The other part was I wanted to remain focused on my match. Sure, this is a friendly enough competition. But, I’ll be honest; I’m a very competitive person, and I wanted to win.

My favorite hole was the par 4 10th. It’s a short enough par 4, but it requires accuracy from tee to green. There’s a big hill on the right, but then another severe hill on the left. The green is long, but narrow, and the adjacent right-side hill is right up against the fringe. It’s a golf hole that probably wouldn’t be built today, and its uniqueness adds to the charm of the course.

After 108 holes of golf and 62 miles of walking, I was thankful to jump in my rental car and head back to MSP airport. It was the best golf trip I’ve been on yet. One thing is clear: I need to make it back to Minnesota for golf. More on that in another post.

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