Miles of Golf Fitting Experience

I recently went through a fitting experience at Miles of Golf in Fairfield, OH. Not my first fitting experience, but one I can easy recommend.

Current set of irons is a Wishon 870Ti 5-AW with KBS Tour’s. I was fitted by my good friend, Bill Weitzel, of Conquest Custom Golf. My previous set of irons before that had been a Wishon 752TC with True Temper TX-90s. That set I knew was no longer good for me. The evidence was in the fitting, where Bill’s high-speed motion camera showed me how much I was bending that TX-90 on the downswing. To solve that, I went KBS Tour’s in a stiff flex and put additional weight into the club.

Weight, at the time, felt necessary and good. As I played with this set more, I realized how poorly my iron shots got towards the end of the round. The club just felt too heavy for me. This was completely my fault, because I was looking for weight and I got it. Because of this, and also because I like rotating clubs out every few years, I decided to get another set.

After much research and demoing, I had an idea of what I wanted. I was ready to get fitted. If you’re getting irons, you have to get fitted. These are your scoring clubs, and they need to match your specs more importantly than I think any other clubs in the bag.

What I liked about Miles of Golf is that their fittings are done in a way where shots go out into their driving range. This way, you’re able to see the full ball flight. They offer two types of fittings: Basixx and Maxx. I think for 99% of golfers, Basixx will do just fine. you get 60 minutes, hit a variety of clubs and shafts, test different lengths and lies and get data from a GC2 launch monitor. The Maxx will give you more time and use of a Trackman monitor. For me, GC2 was plenty good enough.

If you’re going to buy a driver, fairway wood, or iron from Miles of Golf, you mine as well do a Basixx fitting, as it the cost is included in the price of the club. As a mid-handicapper, the Maxx fitting would have been worth it for me. If you’re a scratch player or high-level amateur, I could see you getting benefits of the Maxx fitting.

In the fitting, the selection of club heads, shafts, and length/lie settings is fantastic. The “Cluboratorium” is a golf equipment junkie’s wet dream. Tons of clubhead and shaft options to try. You get a good sense of what feels good and what works. After you hit a few clubs, you can narrow it down to the one that works best for you. Then you start nailing in shaft distance and length.

At the end of the day, I ended up with what I suspected I would get: PING G30’s. Through the fitting process, I ended up going with the PING CFS shaft. I did try the PINGs in the KBS Tours, but the CFS produced better numbers and consistency. Went 5-GW (even though the 5 iron in a G30 is essentially a 4-iron in loft) in yellow dot (slightly upright). Shafts .25″ shorter than standard, grip standard.

New clubs should be here well before the start of the golf season. Can’t wait to try them out. I never bought a PING club until the G30 driver. Now I have a set of irons and a fairway wood from PING. I can easily see my whole bag being PING by the end of 2015.

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