Weatherwax Golf Course – Middletown, OH

Weatherwax is a fine, 36 hole facility. I can say “is” for now. There’s a good chance this course may close down in the next year or so. If that’s the case, it’s a shame. It’s this reason that I thought I should give the facility a write-up; in case its days are in fact numbered.

Weatherwax provides its customers with consistency. Conditions are always solid. The greens are a bit smaller than you’d think. Friendly staff. Lots of golf holes. If someone needed a place to play in the Middletown area, and didn’t have access to Brown’s Run, Weatherwax is a fine substitute.

When I last played Weatherwax, I played all 36 holes. I planned on taking a lot of pictures and providing a huge write-up. After a few holes into the Woodside/Meadows 9s, I put my camera away. The fact was a lot of holes ran together. I’ll post a few here for posterity’s sake.

The Valley View/Highlands 9s are the preferred routing in this author’s opinion. A bit more variety to the holes and good closing par 5s. If you’re a masochist, play the tips and try your hand at the 480 yard par 4 1st on the Highlands 9. This has to be one of the toughest openers in the Ohio Valley. Water along most of the left side and a very small green considering the length of the hole. Play it like a par 5, get your bogey, recover on the next 17.

Let’s hope things bode well for this property. At worst, I’d like to see the Valley View/Highlands 9s stay, if nothing else.

The course is also the former home course of Big Break winner Carling Nolan (nee Coffing), as the sign in front of the pro shop dictates.

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