The Players Drinking Game

I’m going to crowd source my The Players Championship drinking game. Here’s what I got so far. Feel free to comment and add to it:

  • If 17 is shown, drink.
  • If someone hits it in the water at 17, waterfall.
  • If Hal Sutton’s “Be the right club today” is shown, drink.
  • If Tiger’s “Better than most” putt is shown, person with the most left in their cup has to finish.
    • Also, someone has to comment “Better than most” at least three times during the waterfall, the final “Better Than Most” being after completion of the waterfall, yelled ecstatically.
    • The person who waterfalled must do the Tiger fist-pump after they’re finished.
  • If Craig Perks’ 2002 hole-outs are shown, take a drink for each one shown (16, 17, 18)
  • Any time Johnny Miller makes a disparaging remark about a player, drink.
  • Any time Johnny Miller mentions his final round at the 1973 U.S. Open at Oakmont, the last person to say, “63” must waterfall.
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2 comments on “The Players Drinking Game
  1. Daniel says:

    If you had listed, “Comment about ‘grain’ you drink,” you would be dead now.

    We get it Bermuda has some grain. But when the greens are stimping 12+ does it matter?


  2. admin says:

    Ha! Good call!

    After watching Donald and Curtis both plunk it on 17, I wondered if waterfall was too harsh of a punishment. But then I thought, “What would Pete Dye say?” I think he would say a bad shot deserves to be punished; so the rule stays.


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