Oak Island Golf Club and Wilmington Municipal Golf Course

Recently took a trip to Oak Island, NC. I was hoping to play both Oak Island Golf Club and Wilmington Municipal Golf Course. The former was more because it was a 1/2 mile from my condo and provided a convenient round of golf. The later was really my goal, being a public Donald Ross you can play on the cheap.


Unfortunately, this is about as close as I got to playing Wilmington Muni. The old Ross course will have to wait for another trip for me. We had a lot of rain during our week on Oak Island. The only reason I drove by was because my wife and I took our daughter to the Children’s Museum downtown (which I recommend if you have kids) during one of these rainy days, and I wanted to check out the course in case we didn’t make it back.

As it turns out, my golf planning during family vacation might be forever altered; at least until the kid(s) grow up a bit. Very bummed I never got back to play Wilmington Muni. If I go back to OKI, I’ll have to make it a priority.

I did, however, get a chance to play Oak Island Golf Club. It’s a fairly standard resort course; probably a 3 on the Doak scale. Nothing of real architectural merit, which is disappointing considering the putting green has a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean. The homes surrounding the course are mostly out of play, except for #8. But if you’re staying on the island, it’s worth a round if for convenience sake only.

Also, don’t plan on walking Oak Island GC if you’re not a member. I found that out when I asked to walk, only to be told by a bag attendant, “Only members can walk.” So I carted; which was probably beneficial for me anyway, given the muggy weather and the fact I haven’t played/walked a lot of golf holes this year. I was just happy only to lose two balls; on said #8. Thankfully, no property damage took place due to my slices.

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