Largo Golf Course – Largo, FL

It took exactly 41 hours of being in sunny Florida before my golf itch finally kicked in. It has (and apparently continues) to be very wet and rainy in Cincinnati. Being soaked in 90* temperatures with golf clubs in my room, the temptation to not play golf will only last so far.


Staying in Indian Shores, the closest golf course to me was Largo Golf Course. Largo is a fairly simple executive course. Sporting 10 par 3s (averaging 110 yards or so) and 8 par 4s (averaging around 250 yards), it’s not the most difficult course in the world. Largo is pretty typical of what you’ll see a lot of in Florida golf… flatness. Pretty much dead flat, though the work done in 2007 to renovate the bunkers is well done.

With my bad history at World Woods lurking in my brain for a return round the next day, I felt I owed it to myself to get out once and make sure I erase any lingering demons. I was able to do just that. Unfortunately, World Woods Pine Barrens came back with a vengeance the next day, which is something I’ll highlight in a future post. Let’s just say that I had planned to play at least 54 holes of golf on my little trip, and I will go down only playing 28 (yes, I played an extra hole, read on).


There aren’t really any highlights on the course. But if you’re looking for an unassuming round to help you warm up for the big boys, Largo can be that place. Just make sure that after playing 12, you play 13 and not 18. I can’t confirm or deny I did this…

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