Update on Two Course Profiles (Elks Run, Harbor Links/Buck Point)

It’s somewhat eerie that I get to write about a couple of Cincinnati-area courses, profiled on this site, that aren’t doing too hot right now.

First is Elks Run, which I posted about back in August. Currently, the owner is under investigation of fraud (via Jan. 20th’s Cincinnati Enquirer article) and my sources say the course is under pad-lock and not open. Since I live about an hour away, I haven’t been able to confirm all that. If you’re planning to play at Elks Run anytime soon, I’d give the pro shop number a call to see what’s going on. And if you do find out something, let me know.

The next is Buck Point, er Dye Golf, er Harbor Links. The course has had conditioning issues throughout its short life. 08-09 was the peak for this course; not the greatest conditioning, but in a place where I could safely recommend the course. In 2010, the course fell into disrepair. The course has since hired Tartan Golf Management, as well as a new head professional and superintendent. According to its online newsletter, the course has made improvements to many holes, especially to 7 (notorious for flooding and draining issues), 14 (one of my favorite holes in the area), and 17. The course is set to open April 1st, 2011.

If you happen to visit Harbor Links in 2011, shoot me a note on how it’s doing. I have too many new courses on my list this year that deserve visits and profiles of their own, so a return visit by me won’t be anytime soon.

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