2011 Cincinnati Golf Show and Other Happenings

Another year, another Golf Show, mixed in with the annual Travel, Sport, and Boat show. After all the bad weather we’ve had in Cincinnati this winter, it’s a good excuse to get out and get excited about the upcoming golf season.

Looking at the exhibitor list, it seems to be heavy on courses. Plenty of courses from Cincinnati will be there. Others from outside the area will be there. The ones that intrigue me are Sultan’s Run and French Lick, the later I hope might be offering some discounts. There will also be equipment sellers, Golf Professionals giving tips, and CinciGolf.com. The Golf Show is a great time to pick up the CinciGolf coupon book as they usually have a wheel you can spin for an additional free round of golf.

As far as OINK Golf happenings, I apologize that I haven’t got my New Mexico posts up yet. I’ve been working on a freelance project and it hasn’t allotted me much time to get my thoughts on screen and pictures uploaded. My goal will be to have the Black Mesa post up by the end of this week, and the Paa-Ko Ridge post around the end of January or early February.

I will be traveling in Florida in late April. I’ll be staying around the St. Petersburg area. I’ve played both World Woods courses and enjoyed them immensely, but probably looking for something closer. If anyone has any recommendations, I’ll happily take them.

It’s currently snowing here in Cincinnati and I’m getting pretty tired of it. Golf season can’t come soon enough.

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One comment on “2011 Cincinnati Golf Show and Other Happenings
  1. admin says:

    I realize I’m insanely behind on getting my New Mexico posts up. The freelance gig is still hogging a bunch of my off-hours time. They will be up before the end of March, I promise 🙂


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