Cincinnati Area Clubfitter Named in Golf Digest Top 100 List

Bill Weitzel of Conquest Custom Golf was recently named one of America’s Top 100 Golf Clubfitters by Golf Digest. OINK Golf sends its sincere congratulations to Bill.

I first met Bill in 2005 at Eaglesticks Golf Club during an event with members from He was the owner of The Round Table restaurant in Cleves, OH. Somewhere along the line, Bill got into golf club building. As his passion grew, he became more skilled at his craft not only as a golf club builder, but also a fitter. He continued to run the restaurant while continuing to build his clubfitting business on the side. When the opportunity presented itself, Bill left the restaurant industry and became a full-time clubfitter.

Bill has gone from building clubs out of his own garage to having his own shop in Liberty Township, OH, down the street from Hamilton Elks Country Club. His line of customers include Tri-State locals and reach as far as one man who flew in from New Zealand specifically to see Bill (ed. I played with them at Elks Run, so I can verify this is true).

Bill can fit any player, from the professional to the highest handicapper. From the start, Bill has believed in only using quality custom components, such as Wishon and Mirua. You won’t find any knock-offs in his shop.

I was one of Bill’s original customers. I can personally speak to how far he has come as a clubfitter, and this award/recognition is well deserved. Simply put, I don’t think you’ll find a better golf clubfitter in the Cincinnati/Dayton area than Bill and Conquest Custom Golf. You certainly won’t find a nicer one.

My handicap has gone down 10 strokes in the last two years. I feel that my iron (Wishon 870TI) and driver (Wishon 919THI) fittings are a big reason why. 12 of the 13 clubs in my current bag have come from Conquest Custom Golf.

For more information, check out his site at Tell him OINK Golf sent you 🙂

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