What Courses Would You Like to See?

Perhaps, as stated in my recent post Playing as a Onesome, I’ve been thinking about this the wrong way. All I’ve been thinking is I, I, I. Maybe I should be thinking about you, the reader.

The numbers tell me there’s not a lot of people reading the blog. That’s fine. I do this mostly to keep a record of my golf travels and secondly to inform and entertain others.

So for any of you that read my blog, I ask you… what courses you want to see on this blog?

There are a couple of restrictions at the moment. First, I have a budget; therefore, courses like French Lick (both Dye and Ross), Belterra (without a coupon), Brickyard Crossing, Avalon Lakes (if still public) and Prairie View are not likely unless they get subsidized.

Next is geography. While my Cincinnati location is prime for the OINK area, it does make courses in Cleveland and South Bend a bit out of day trip range. As you can see from the blog, I usually only get up to the Cleveland area about once a year, so I have to pick my courses wisely.

The top two on my list right now are Eagle Ridge and Purgatory. I have plans for an epic 36 hole round at Bent Tree and Northstar, which are right down the road from each other north of Columbus. My focus will likely remain on the Kentucky State Park and Indianapolis courses for the foreseeable future. Outside of Shaker Run, I’ve documented about all there is to see in Cincinnati outside of Shaker Run, thanks to my latest post on Stonelick Hills. Perhaps Glenview Muni deserves a mention due to its hosting of a USGA Amateur Public Links in 1987.

So let me hear from you, or let the crickets dictate my next course of action (apologies for the pun. Kinda.)

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8 comments on “What Courses Would You Like to See?
  1. Jeff Shelman says:


    Saw your site on the bottom of a GCA post. Having lived in Cincinnati for a couple of years in the late ’90s, I will be a reader.

    Purgatory is a fun golf course. I played there a couple of years ago and got a decent rate. I thought there was fine value there.

    Brickyard, which I have also played, isn’t worth the money. It’s a fine golf course, but it would be a much better value if it was $75.

    Another to add to your list if you haven’t been in the Indy area is The Trophy Club. Very good.


  2. admin says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the comments. I played Trophy Club and I enjoyed it immensely. Check out the post in the Indiana section if you’d like to read and see pics.


  3. Ward Brown says:

    Great site. I am in Bloomington IN, anytime you are planning a trip this way and need a partner let me know and maybe we can work something out. I have played a few of your IN wish list and would love to play several more of them.


    • admin says:

      Ward, Thanks for the comments. If I’m out the Bloomington way, I’ll let you know. Been meaning to get to IU’s golf course.


  4. Henry says:

    If you’re looking for a links style course, then i recommend the Links at Rising Star. It was in great condition and is the only true links course in the tri-state area. enjoy!


  5. admin says:

    Henry, I’ve played The Links at Rising Star (formerly Grand Victoria) a few times. It’s not bad. If you’re at Rising Star to hit the casino and you’re into golf, it’s worth a play. Wind off the Ohio River can certainly be a factor.


  6. Cole says:

    I read your link about Harbor Links at Sagamore Resort. I actually just played there around Thanksgiving. The course was very lush and seemed to be making its way back to full recovery. They also mentioned that they would not be a year round course anymore. But if you get the chance to play it again this spring, I highly recommend it.


    • admin says:

      Cole, glad to hear good news about Harbor Links. I think it actually works to their benefit not to be a year-around course. I’ll do my best to get back there in 2012 and report on what I see.


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