Hueston Woods Golf Course – Oxford, OH

I’ll throw this out there now… I did not bring my camera when I played Hueston Woods recently. I wish I had.

Hueston Woods GC has been around since the late 60s. It is a Jack Kidwell design that is right outside of Hueston Woods resort proper. When I attended Miami University, I didn’t think much of the course. Now that I’ve matured a bit as a golf and GCA aficionado, I realize the course is better than I gave it credit for.

Yes, it is your typical parkland layout. Yes, no holes really stand out, as it common in the RTJ/modern era of GCA. Yes, it’s a lot of doglegs and pretty long par 3s. But there’s a lot more strategy here than I previously gave it credit for. 9 and 12 are good examples where a safe fairway wood will get you in play, but driver has a risk/reward element to it. In addition, the conditioning of the course was phenomenal, especially given weather conditions the summer of 2010 brought. Greens and fairways were mostly immaculate. A few rough tee boxes, but nothing too bad.

I wouldn’t say it’s worth driving too far out of your way for, but if you’re in the Oxford area, it’s worth a play. When I was a student, they had a great $15 all you can play after 3PM. Not sure if they still have that. Course is very walkable.

I hadn’t played Hueston Woods in six years. If I get back, I’ll take a couple of pics; especially of the notorious, all carry, par 3 16th.

OINK Rating – 4

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