Greensburg Country Club – Greensburg, IN

I played Greensburg Country Club today.


Don’t have a whole lot to say about it. It’s probably a 3 on my OINK scale. Tight fairways and mostly small greens. The price on their Web site ($42) did not match the price I actually paid ($44), and for that, I was disappointed. The value between what I paid and what I got was not there for me. At least I got to play with a member and his guest who were very nice.

My favorite hole on the course was probably the drop-shot par 3 5th. Measuring 151 from the tips, this hole is protected by a creek in front, OB/train tracks left, and the most undulating green on the course.

I did get to experience one thing I never thought I’d see on a golf course… parachuting.


Greensburg Country Club is very close to a small airport that runs a good sky-diving business. About every hour or so, you’d hear the plane go up, then all of the sudden about 11 parachutes would disperse. Fortunately (or unfortunately), none of them landed on the golf course when I played. The member I played with said it wasn’t uncommon for them to land on the course.


I guess if you’re looking to combine skydiving with golf, Greensburg Country Club is a good option.

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